What better way to follow up a beautiful collection of creative shots captured while looking UP than with an equally creative one of shots captured looking DOWN. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Based off of another great gallery by photographer, 500px ISO contributor, and lover of all things photography Mark Cornick, this one highlights the beautiful images you can capture when you get yourself up high and look DOWN.

Of course, that’s not always as easy as looking up—some of these shots were captured from inside helicopters soaring above some of the biggest cities in the United States—but not always. Some of the most creative images in the collection required no plane or heli ride to shoot.

Check out 15 of our favorites from Mark’s gallery below:

Whiteout by Ryan Millier on 500px.com

X by Keith Mokris on 500px.com

Never Ending Circles by Philipp Götze on 500px.com

8 O

Abovegraphy by ??????  on 500px.com

Car Park by Ciprian Olaru on 500px.com

Electrify II by Toby Harriman on 500px.com

Paris, Arc de Triomphe by AirPano on 500px.com

Spirals at Nobis by Søren ° s1000 on 500px.com

Vivid Lines. by Kaitaro Kobayashi on 500px.com

3124 by Michael Salisbury on 500px.com

Whatever You Do, Don

Lookdown by Alex Stelmacovich on 500px.com

Central Park, New York, USA by AirPano on 500px.com

Pedestrian by Oscar F on 500px.com

Have a “look down” photo of your own that you’re particularly proud of? Share it in the comments! And if you want to see more photos like this, check out Mark’s full gallery by clicking here.