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After having seen some awesome lightning storms in Jamaica over the last two weeks, I came home obsessed with lightning photos, and luckily, I found two that make the perfect bookend photos for this week’s selections.

If you submit a photo that you think would make a great addition to either of our Top 10s, be sure to add the tag #ResourceTravel500px!

Boise, Idaho
by Scotty Perkins

Objective Danger by Scotty Perkins on 500px.com

Sitka, Alaska
by Casey McCallister

Nucleus by Casey McCallister on 500px.com

San Francisco, California
by Joe Azure

Topping Out by Joe Azure on 500px.com

by Toby Harriman

Aurafoss by Toby Harriman on 500px.com

The Cascades
by Chris Burkard

CHRIS BURKARD MSR CASCADES TRIP by Chris  Burkard on 500px.com

Dubai, United Arab Emirites
by Dany Eid

Jumeirah Emirates Towers by Dany Eid on 500px.com

Oahu, Hawaii by Kyle Ford

Haiku Stairs by Kyle Ford on 500px.com

Oia, Greece
by Alex Gaflig

Kalinychta Oia by Alex Gaflig on 500px.com

Jølster, Norway
by Rune Askeland

Goodbye by Rune Askeland on 500px.com

Nin, Croatia

by Ivan Stulic

Bolt out of the blue by Ivan Stulic on 500px.com