We’ve recently made several improvements to the 500px Marketplace! When we make changes to 500px, we make them with your feedback and best interests in mind in order to provide the smoothest experience possible. I’m excited about these changes, and I hope they make the licensing process even easier.

Search is critical to the effectiveness of a stock marketplace. Over the last few months, we’ve worked hard to greatly improve our search.

500px Marketplace’s new search uses machine learning to analyze image tags. This functionality leads to more precise photo results for clients, as it attempts to discern the full context of an image. The algorithm looks at tagging metadata and the appearance of related words to infer ‘topics’. For example, if there are two pictures tagged with “New York City” – a photo of the city and a photo of a model who happens to be in New York – the search would give higher weighting to the shot of the city, as the context tells us that would be the more relevant photo. The new, improved search produces results five times more relevant than the previous search.

This is only the first of several radical enhancements brought to you by the Innovation Team at 500px. There will be continuous improvements rolled out with some major updates in the second half the year.

The new search updates are allowing clients to find relevant images more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

We’ve taken the hassle out of keywording images.

We know that adding keyword tags to an image can be cumbersome, so we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved. Now, after a photo is uploaded, the system will automatically suggest up to twenty keywords for the image. A photographer simply has to select the words that most accurately describe the image. Additional keywords can be added manually if desired or if there are phrases that have not already been suggested.

The more relevant keywords an image has, the easier it will be for clients and other community members to find. We’re happy to say the tool has been very successful in suggesting accurate keywords, which will help improve overall search results.

We’ve added the ability to search in languages other than English.

We’ve added basic German and Mandarin search functionality to allow clients searching in these languages to find the most relevant results. We’ll be adding a few new languages in the coming months.

Filters have been updated to make your search as specific as possible.

We’ve added the option to search by availability. When selecting the “Immediately available” filter, search results will only include images that are immediately available for licensing. The search results will include both images available for Commercial Use and images available for Editorial Use Only.

If you select “All,” the number of search results will be greater but will also include some images that are not yet available for licensing. These images will be marked with an orange banner that reads, “This photo is not yet available for licensing.” If a photo with a pending license is purchased, the transaction will be put on hold while our 500px Marketplace Research Team attempts to secure the photo. Usually we can secure it within a few days, but if we’re unsuccessful, we’ll refund the deposit after five days. Because we have not validated the photo’s licensability, we cannot always ensure that it will be available or appropriate for commercial use. If a photo is not available for commercial use, it can sometimes still be used for editorial purposes.

We’ve introduced Retina Ready sized images.

We received feedback from clients who were looking for a license that was great for web usage but larger than the Web Ready size. For a Retina Ready license, a photo is 2400px on the longest side and 144 dpi. These licenses are also well-priced, with rates between the Web Ready and Print Ready license prices. Having more license options allows clients to select the license that’s the perfect match for a particular project.

We’ve expanded our currency options.

We now have Euro pricing available for European clients, which will make their Marketplace experience more seamless.

On top of these changes, we’ve also added tons of new content and quickened the ingestion process. With lots of beautiful and creative images added to the Marketplace each day, there’s always new content to explore. Check out these updates on Marketplace today!

Kelly Thompson is VP of Marketplace at 500px. He joined the company in 2015 to grow and expand the stock marketplace on 500px.

Header image credit: Andy Kirby