Fresh content is added to the 500px Marketplace every single day. Our community of over 7 million photographers consistently finds new and unique ways to capture their world, and the team here at 500px is constantly amazed at their talent. We want to highlight and expose this fresh content as often as possible. For this particular set of photos, we decided to delve into the the concept of touch and how it impacts our daily lives. Our Director of Content, Kimberly Potvin, chose five photos that stood out and communicated a unique message about this concept.

This collection focuses not only how important touch is to cooking and everyday life, but also on the texture that is showcased within the photos. Powerful and effective imagery can transport you to new and unique places while stimulating your senses. Looking at these images, you can start to feel the malleability of bread dough, the rough coarseness of firewood, and the heat of a sparkler in your hand.

Man baking bread in kitchen.

Baking Bread

Our hands are essential tools in the kitchen. For anyone who has experienced the baking process, this image evokes memories around the dryness of flour and the soft doughy texture of bread. The focus on the hands and the bread dough creates a very natural scene, almost as though you are sitting across the table from the baker. His baking tools are out of focus in the foreground of the image, emphasizing the journey of the bread from it’s beginning to what it is becoming.

This image has a great deal of content value for capturing a thematic narrative. This could be an excellent fit for everything from cooking content to workplace imagery to conceptual ideas like flexibility.

500px Photo ID: 66703999 -


With the bundle of wood as the main highlight in this image, the roughness of the wood shines through and captures a rugged outdoor element. The focus on the rough texture of the wood evokes a powerful tactile memory while the warm tones of contemporary photography make this photo a must have in a creative project.

This is a strong image due to the human element, especially without a focus on the model’s gender or age. Beyond camping, backpacking or hiking, the photo could be used more generally around building, warmth, or security.

Woman holding a sweet cake tray with berries, Vertical

Women Holding Sweet Cake Tray

The cool tones of this image are almost a complete opposite to the warmth of the last selection. We love the delicate background, with a dress that almost mimics the pattern of floral wallpaper. The feeling of the cold glass of a cake tray against skin is a distinct sensation. Most importantly in this image, you want to reach into the photo and sample the delicacies on the plate. The most critical element of food photography, is always the desire to consume whatever is in the photo

There is a lot of good copy space at the top of the image for some stunning text, and if you needed to, it would be easy to crop to focus on the hands and cake to fit into a horizontal composition.

500px Photo ID: 117553679 - Two Tengger sisters hold hands outside their home in Eastern Java


The close focus on the hands of two sisters in this image highlights touch with a unique intimacy. The touch of others: friends, family, those you love is so important. The warmth and love of others play a critical role amongst humans and is an important concept to illustrate in creative projects. Due to the position of the camera and the focus, it could be cropped to work as a square image. Additional graphic elements could also be added at the bottom. This photo is an excellent depiction of abstract concepts like love, togetherness, strength, and unity.

Girl with sparkler


Unlike the last few photos, this image is an object oriented photo. The warmth in the photo comes from the heat of the sparkler instead of the warmth of a person. The rich color of the sparks make this a striking and distinct photo. The yellow in the girl’s dress and the orangish red hue of the sparkler align so perfectly, and add to the warm feel of the photograph. The out of focus perimeter is the perfect places to add text or design and contributes to the focus of the composition.

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