With summer upon us, we felt it was only appropriate to highlight some of our fresh Marketplace content that features, bright pops of color partnered with some amazing, mouth-watering seasonal foods. As the weather warms up, we look towards the season of fresh white linens and the cool color tones of blue water and green grass. A time of refreshing drinks, fresh berries, and popsicles! These images accentuate scrumptious treats in a unique and dreamy way. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be left wishing you could reach through the photo and eat every last morsel on the plate.

Three melted bloody red raspberry popsicles on white rustic wooden table
The rich color of the raspberry popsicles melting against a white backdrop brings to mind summer sensations of warm weather and cool treats. The open white space gives the photo a clean, open feel and the tiny splashes of red juxtaposed against the white creates a riveting color contrast for any designer. This photo could be used in a myriad of ways to talk about summer activities, great recipes or how to keep cool in the summer heat.

Small strawberry and pistachio pavlova meringue cakes with mascarpone cream, fresh mint over white backdrop
Everyone loves outdoor picnics and gatherings with family and friends during warmer days. The best moment of any event is tasting amazing desserts made with fresh berries that explode with juice (especially when picked in season). In this photo, the small strawberry and pistachio pavlova meringue cakes look like perfect bite size treats. The purposeful placement of the fork and the sprinkling of the pistachios gives the food a natural, authentic feel. In addition, the use of the white fabric creates a vertical pattern down the frame while the position of the plate and the white-on-white color palette leaves a perfect amount of copy space for text or graphic elements to be added to this delicious composition.

This carefully constructed photo creates a fun, playful scene for anyone to enjoy. The cool, green background and spattering of mint leaves reinforce the concept of refreshment and coolness which can be so critical in the warmer months. The strategic placement of the fork holding the strawberry, the white, porcelain cups and the dessert plate create an amazing directional path for the eye to follow. The center line of food along with the deliberate point of focus create a fun flow while letting the mind travel over the different flavors that can be found in each element of food.

stock-photo-154107865 (1)
Who can resist a wonderful slice of vanilla, strawberry cheesecake in the summer months? The sharp triangular shape of the cheesecake contrasts well against the circular shape of the plate and the angular slices of strawberries. The textured background breaks up the flat surface of the tabletop while reminding the viewer of cool, blue water and ocean waves. The bright pop of red berries and green leaves are a great balance to the cool tones of the cheesecake and the white, patterned dinnerware.

homemade refreshing berry popsicle
Like the first photo we discussed, popsicles are always a delectable treat during the warmer months. In this image, the cold blue tones imply refreshment and days of swimming, sunshine and fun. The raspberry popsicles are tinged with frost as if fresh from the freezer, bringing a nice chill to the composition. The pink flowers add an unusual and striking element to the photo causing the viewer to look closer to investigate what tasty ingredients could possibly be included in these tasty treats. The cropping of the photo along with the half-circle of the plate and the contradiction of colors truly holds the eye and awakens everyone’s palate in this great photo.

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