Every month we release a free photo for you to download with a royalty-free license and global usage. We wanted to showcase our incredible staff, so this month’s image comes from a Content Editor on our Content team. Janet Kwan specializes in lifestyle photography and capturing special moments, like the one in our free photo of the month. She shared the story behind the shot titled “Shadow Hands” with us:

“We were enjoying the perfect weather on a late summer evening, taking in as much of it as we could. I was looking for something to photograph and when the sun began to set, it created long, beautiful shadows. I don’t usually take photos like this but I decided to try something different and ended up loving the results.”

We love when photographers take risks. Some of the best and most intriguing work comes from experimenting with a style. As a photographer, you learn and grow your talent when you push yourself and try something new.


We’re particularly fond of this selection because of it’s versatility. As this is an image without a specific focal point, there is plenty of room to run legible copy or to add a graphic. This could also easily be cropped into a vertical image to showcase just the shadows of the people holding hands and highlight the humanity in the photo for many different mediums.

Humanity can be a difficult concept to visually convey. Finding the right image to represent the perfect age, gender, or race and convey the right message is no small task. Because this image doesn’t have people physically in the image, but instead shadows alluding to humans, it is adaptable. It can depict people of any age or race, and isn’t strongly tied to specific genders. The two silhouettes don’t even have to be a couple; the two could be best friends or siblings.

The shadows in the photo have the ability to illustrate more abstract concepts as well. The outline of the pair holding hands could depict love, togetherness, or unity. This moment, caught just as the sun was going down, was perfectly timed and could represent simplicity or even longevity since the photo is ageless.

Download June’s free photo of the month here. Check out the rest of Janet Kwan’s incredible collection on Marketplace.