$1 000 000 000 by Lauren Rautenbach

Turning your passion for photography into cash can be tricky business, but it doesn’t have to be. At 500px Prime, we go to work for you as soon as you submit your images—contacting buyers, adding photos into curated galleries, and providing kick-a** educational content through ISO.

But there is one way you can make 500px Prime work even harder to make you money, and it’s very simple: license your images exclusively through 500px.

As soon as you make the decision to license exclusively through Prime, you open yourself up to making more money. Don’t believe us? Here are three ways that licensing exclusively through 500px can help put more cash in your pocket.


1. You Make a Fair Cut of Every Sale

The first reason is the most obvious: we pay one of the best rates in the industry. 70% net of every single license sold goes straight into your pocket, no questions asked, no exceptions, no fine print.

Of course, you get this cut whether or not you license exclusively through us, but if your photo is available for cheaper somewhere else—maybe somewhere where your cut is closer to 20% or, if you’re lucky, 30%—you’re leaving money on the table.

Buyers are smart, they’ll dig for the best deal. If that deal is with a marketplace that puts you second, you’ll get a second-rate payout.


2. We Can Negotiate Sweet Deals On Your Behalf

Occasionally a buyer wants to negotiate a special use on a photo. Maybe they want it exclusively for a certain time. Maybe they even want to buy you out entirely. That usually means big money.

If you license exclusively through 500px Prime, our sales team has a much easier time facilitating these deals. Since we’re the only ones licensing your image, we have stats and serious negotiating power.

Remember that Prime record-setting photo we’ve mentioned before? The one that sold for $20,000? That’s the kind of money we’re talking about.


3. We Actively Chase Down and Fine People Who Steal Your Photos

The third reason is also the most exciting one: did you know that we actively look for and fine people who steal the photos you license through 500px? Think of us as the mamma bear in the photo above.

We call this our License Compliance Services. Basically, we crawl the Internet looking for unauthorized use of your photos, fine infringers, and then offer them a legal way to use your image. And, of course, the profits we make from that fine are split with you at the same industry-leading 70/30 rate.

In short, we’ve got your back! But we can only offer this service if you license exclusively through us and the photo hasn’t been licensed before.

Note: If you find infringements of your work, send details to help@500px.com. We have lawyers and industry experts to back you up.


We pride ourselves on putting photographers first. We pay you fairly, do our best to get your work in front of the right people, and try to help you help yourself by sharing as much insider knowledge as we can. But we’re always looking to take it one step further.

By licensing your images exclusively with 500px, you let us take that extra step… and a few more after that.

If your photos are eligible for exclusive licensing, and you’d like to make them exclusive in order to take advantage of the perks mentioned above, send us an email at prime@500px.com.